No Longer Mine b/w Cry My Tears Away

Thee Heart Tones treat us to another must have 7” while the finishing touches are being put on their debut album. A bunch of talented kids from Hawthorne, California that came right out of high school and wound up in the studio with two legendary producers (El Michels Affair & Tommy Brenneck) cutting their first album in 5 days. Here on this 45 are two more of songs drenched in the magic that was captured.

Side A “No Longer Mine” is gritty and driving mid tempo banger that lead singer Jazmine Alvarado’s honeyed voice smooths out. A declaration of young love gone wrong, Jazmine states the facts and lays down the law like a boss with a chorus that will live in your head rent free.

Side B “Cry My Tears Away” is a heavy duty B Side Ballad that can hold court with the best of them. This is sure to find a place in the hearts of all the slowie enthusiasts and soundtrack many a slow dance, joy ride, and late night.