Logika b/w True Love

Thee Marloes give us with another killer of a two-sider while they finish recording their debut album.

The A side “Logika” is a laid back tune about where the head and the heart meet and how they often don’t see things the same way. Natassya Sianturi’s honeyed vocals float over a beautifully arranged track driven by guitar riffs, organ, and reverb drenched stick hits. They manage to put the perfect amount of paint on the canvas with the band sounding tight as ever hitting all the changes that bring in the earworm chorus that stays in your head even if you don’t speak Indonesian. 

The B side “True Love” finds Thee Marloes dipping back into the soulful side of jazz but this time with a beat ballad that could soundtrack a Tarantino movie and hold court with the best of the genre. This one leans you back in your chair setting the mood for a smokey lounge affair and a strong drink. Two more pages from Thee Marloes book on a must have 45 giving a taste of what is to come on the 2024 full length.