Midnight Hotline b/w Beri Cinta Waktu

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Big Crown is proud to present the debut 45 from the newest band on the label, Thee Marloes. Hailing from Surabaya, Indonesia they have a very unique approach to their music that mixes elements of their local culture and sounds with influences from American Soul Music, Jazz, and Pop. This first 7” offering is a glimpse at the range of their music, one side, a strong upbeat plug that leans into the intersection of Soul & Jazz and the flip a gorgeous ballad that can play next to B side ballads but has an energy and texture all its own.

The A side “Midnight Hotline” is an infectious up tempo tune that can keep a dance floor moving with an earworm chorus that you will wake up the next morning singing. Punchy horn lines and warm electric piano ride atop a bouncing backbeat while lead singer Natassya reels the listener in with a tale of a late night love that she can’t get enough of. 

The B Side takes on an entirely different energy, “Beri Cinta Waktu” is a beautiful love ballad that takes its time and uses space beautifully.  Sung in Indonesian over a stripped back track of hand drums, electric piano, and guitar chanks, Natassya’s show stopping performance conveys emotion that transcends any language barrier.