Coming Home b/w Precious Love

With Lee fresh off a smashing tour in Europe we decided to press up another undeniable two-sider from the instant classic Special Night album. Another must have for the DJs.

Side A is “Coming Home,” Lee’s incredible take on working, how we get through it, and why we do it. He sings to his wife a story a lot of people can relate to, working all day looking forward to coming home to his family. The Expressions provide the perfect feel-good backing to this mid-tempo masterpiece with beautiful horn arrangements, catchy background vocals, and a guitar riff as catchy as the chorus.

Side B’s “Precious Love” is the perfect example of the song writing and arranging prowess the producers (Leon Michels & Tommy Brenneck) and the band have honed over the years. Catchy from the intro, this love song keeps the dance floor full and holds up next to the classics. Play this for your precious love.