This Strange Effect b/w Hands In Your Pockets

Digital Packages Include Two Bonus Songs (Fly Fishing & This Strange Effect Instrumental) 

The A side, “This Strange Effect,” is an updated take on the Ray Davies penned classic from 1965. The Shacks version is currently featured in the Apple iPhone 8 global ad campaign that has been playing on television during prime time spots such as the World Series, Saturday Night Live, NFL and college football games, TV shows, and much more. The social media video plays combined across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are upwards of 20 million views worldwide. The lead actor in the spot is the lead singer of The Shacks, Shannon Wise.  The band has played all over New York City since the release of their EP and is currently on a US tour with Chicano Batman and Khruangbin. With radio support across the states and Europe, and this ad playing non-stop globally, it looks like The Shacks have a hit on their hands with “This Strange Effect.”

The B Side, “Hands In Your Pockets,” finds The Shacks dipping their toe into the rocksteady / reggae world. Recorded with the rhythm section of the infamous Frightnrs of Daptone Records fame, Shannon’s floaty vocal stylings are right at home on a new jack reggae rhythm.