Sitting On A Red Hot Stove b/w Nassau Beat

Big Crown is proud to present this reissue 7 inch from Texas’s own Kool & Together.

The A side, “Sittin’ On a Red Hot Stove” is an infectious, medium-paced funk movement that chugs along with the help of some sharp drums from Joe and a rolling bass line that never quits. Originally edited by Texas record mogul Huey Meaux, the 45 version clocks in at just under two and a half minutes, and gave the band its strongest single. It’s an anecdotal tale of a woman who is lusted after but so mean-spirited, she could melt the romance away.  

Side B is an unreleased demo version from Kool & Together working up the monster “Funky Nassau.” Clearly something they never finished, the raw recording and lo fidelity of it is what give what they call “Nassau Beat” it’s charm.