PIMP b/w Police In Helicopter

Big Crown Records is proud to present Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band’s smashing cover of “PIMP” on our imprint. Following up on the smashing success of their debut album 55 and a string of essential 45s, we are the third label to press this staple tune. Three labels, three times, three different B sides.

Back in 2008 BRSB released its smashing cover of 50 Cent’s “P.I.M.P.” which was long thought to be the original sample for the tune. The Mocambo pressing – already hard to come by and fetching top dollar on the internet – has become an underground classic. BRSB treat the tune to their signature smashing drums and bass heavy production, taking the original loop and turning it into a full composition. Brass and steel pan parts putting it somewhere between reggae, steel funk, and the Superfly soundtrack.

Side B is the proper reggae offering from BRSB, a cover of the legendary John Holt’s classic “Police In Helicopter.” Another must have two sider, another Big Crown sureshot.