El Michels Affair feat. Bobby Oroza

Reasons b/w Hipps

Big Crown is proud to present this must have two-sider from El Michels Affair.

The A side, “Reasons,” is a collaboration that is sure to get all the soul collectors very, very excited. Last time Bobby Oroza was in New York, El Michels invited him to the Diamond Mine to cut a tune together. Bobby took this opportunity to take us all on a journey to the existential side of his mind. Oroza’s voice finds its place perfectly over the the lush, mid-tempo ballad, talking us on a trip to the back of his brain while maintaining the energy and style that is synonymous with the man they call Bobby Oroza.

The B side, “Hipps,” is from El Michels Affair’s recently released full-length, Adult Themes. In a day and age when the album format is being taken over by singles and playlists, Adult Themes is a record that truly has to be listened to in the context of the whole album to be fully appreciated. This made it hard for us to pick a tune from it for this 7”. “Hipps” cuts in with a crushing drum beat and is quickly joined by the unmistakable horn arrangements that Leon has become known for. “Hipps” is but a chapter from a book, and we recommend you treat yourself to the front to back experience of Adult Themes.