Money Music b/w Suburban Breeze

Following up on the worldwide success of their new album Education & Recreation, Surprise Chef drops a must have two-sider for those of us who can’t get enough 45s.

The A side, “Money Music,” is a bassline driven mid-tempo tune that catches you from the first note and carries you through all the gorgeous changes. Piano, vibraphone, and guitar trade places over a watertight drum track that builds up, drops down, builds up again, and changes to half time to take it all home.

The B side, “Suburban Breeze,” kicks in the door with an intro that is bound to be sampled and will get your blood racing and your head nodding. They lure you in with the neck snapping intro and bring you from mood to mood as they change the energy from tough as nails to floaty and groovy, and back to tough as nails.