Lost & Looking… / My Heaven

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Big Crown’s Danny Akalepse is back with another limited edition cassette tape. Two different forthcoming Big Crown Radio Episodes, one on each side.

Side A, “Lost & Looking” is a mix of Reggae, Soul, and Jazz and leans on the places they cross into each other. The whole thing comes out as a haunting and heavy vibe full of big tunes. Lepse runs down original versions and the covers, remixes, and a bunch of records from the deep end of the pool. Eerie obscurities, both instrumental and vocal blend together to make a proper mood.

The B Side, “My Heaven” is a mix of slowies that are all by Jamaican artists on Reggae labels. B sides of 45s and album cuts. From soul ballads to doo-wops to mid-tempos all in a JA style. A big part of the slowie records that haven’t yet gotten the new found attention. There’s a whole world of these, this is a just a cassette side’s worth.