Impressions of Impressions Cassette

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Danny Akalepse pays homage to The Impressions with his Impressions of Impressions Part 1 & 2 mixes. To celebrate the launch of the podcast we pressed up a limited edition cassette tape of Impressions of Impressions.

From Danny:

“The Impressions, as Curtis, Fred, and Sam are one of my favorite groups ever. I’m really into collecting covers, I have been at it for a long time. I came up with the title for these two mixes and that really got me going, from the artwork to the tunes I really like the way this came out and it seemed fitting to commit it to a tape, two sides worked really well for the genres. This project definitely sent me on a trip digging and digging for more versions to add to what I already had, and I had to leave off some killers so I wouldn’t repeat songs. Some of the records on here aren’t straight covers but tunes that someone jacked Impressions melodies and arrangements and wrote their own verses over them.  At the end of the day this mix has a heady level to it, but I am hoping that even with no context at all, and for people who don’t know who The Impressions are it will still be a good listen just the same. Curtis is a god in reggae, there’s way too many covers to get onto one mix, so I pulled some of the more known ones and some of the more obscure. I collect a lot of reggae records, something most folks don’t know me for, this is the first time I am releasing a reggae mix publicly. I hope everyone enjoys the vibe”.