Paul & The Tall Trees / Mattison

I Explained It All b/w Watch Out

The A side, “I Explained It All,” is an early Paul & The Tall Trees recording done in between recording sessions for Our Love In The Light. A haunting number equal parts floaty vocal and crushing drums co-produced by Paul and Leon Michels.

From Paul on the session: “The new year approaching. Saturday we’d have a P&TTT family get together. Write music. It was dark and damp down there. Smokey. Windows the size of shoe boxes. The old 64 Rocket was hot. Pop bought a Rickenbacker.”

The B side, “Watch Out,” is actually the tune that started the whole thing between Big Crown and 79.5. Years ago Kate Mattison who was then performing as Mattison came to Soul Fire studios to record some of her demos, which is how her music got on our radar. Some years after that Danny Akalepse picked up the “Watch Out” 45 she had pressed independently in a record shop and fell in love with the tune. When we started Big Crown she was one of the first people we called up to see what she was up to. Her answer was 79.5. “Watch Out” is a warning to a man who is with the wrong woman set over lush keys and a spacious arrangement.