Footwork b/w Morning Glory

Big Crown Records is proud to present the debut offering from the newest artist to join the label, the man on trumpet, Dave Guy. 

Dave is a long time friend, collaborator, and contributor to a boatload of songs on the label and far beyond it. A member of The Roots, The Dap Kings, and The Budos Band, he has lent his talents to the music of everyone from Amy Winehouse & Lizzo to Lee Fields & Charles Bradley. Now Dave steps to the front of the stage with a debut record that could have only come from a seasoned veteran. Teaming up in the studio with fellow long time collaborators Homer Steinweiss & Nick Movshon, who handle the production as well as play on the recordings, the set of songs on this 7” are telling of what’s to come.

Side A, “Footwork” is a Latin inspired tune that gets you up from the intro drum fill and is sure to  soundtrack many a dancefloor from Soho to Harlem and far beyond the city that inspired it. Dave’s trumpet lines are infectious, something about his playing walks the line of jazz and vocal arrangement. The choruses are moving, the verses are gorgeous, the backing band couldn’t be sharper as they push the tune down the tracks making this an instant classic.

Side B, “Morning Glory” is drenched in swag. The trumpet line repeats to great effect over the walking beat and the arrangement takes you through all the changes while staying entirely in the groove. It is easy to draw comparisons to 70s soundtrack music a la Marvin Gaye’s Trouble Man but Dave’s music is clearly contemporary pulling the best influences from the past and pushing them forward.