Dance With Me b/w Mercy Tree

Liam Bailey returns with a flawless two-sider from his new album’s recording sessions. The tried and true chemistry between Bailey and producer Leon Michels strikes again, taking the sound they established on Bailey’s 2020 Ekundayo album and pushing it further.

The A side “Dance With Me” is an infectious Popcorn two-stepper that nods to those incredible soul records that were coming out of Jamaica during the early Reggae days. Bailey steps into the dance with hopes of finding a new love while the El Michels Affair produced track will pull us all out on the dance floor with them. 

The B side “Mercy Tree” is a powerhouse of Reggae Rebel Music. Bailey addresses the racial tensions that plague humanity and encourages everyone to step up and do their part to help foster equality. What starts out as a declaration of injustice turns into a call for action and an inspiration for hope, making this anthemic tune an instant classic.