Synthia feat. Lady Wray

Tonight You Might b/w Dissolve

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Big Crown Records is proud to present this first foray into the exciting and moving world of Boogie Synth-Pop with a Big Crown super group of sorts, aptly named Synthia.

Side A, “Tonight You Might,” finds Lady Wray on vocals while production is handled by Leon Michels and Homer Steinweiss. The song starts with drums that could seamlessly mix in with “Juicy Fruit” or “Juicy,” whichever is your preferred flavor. As promising as the song starts, Nicole’s entrance on vocals guarantees that you’ve just put the needle to a certified banger.

Side B, “Dissolve,” is an instrumental designed for peek hour dance floor play. With swinging flutes and sexy sax provided by El Michels himself, and drumming programmed by the best actual drummer in the land, Homer Steinweiss, “Dissolve” is just a good ole’ time from start to finish.

Big Crown Records has been sitting on a grenade and were ready to set her off baby!