BCR x El Oms Collab

BCR x El Oms Custom Playing Cards

***This product ships on/or around 12/6***

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We had this idea years ago and a phone call to our very talented friend El Oms brought it to fruition. El Oms illustrated all the characters on the card faces and our own Danny Akalepse designed the backs and the box. In talking about this deck of cards we decided to release a 7” with it and El Michels Affair cut a track for Bobby Oroza to write to which plays up the theme here
and is aptly titled “Stack The Deck”. For good measure we dug in the vaults and made the B Side El Michels Affair’s crushing cover of the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Things Done Changed”

This playing card collaboration is a limited 500 piece run. Standard 52 card poker deck, 2 jokers , and 2 logo cards in a customized box. A collectors item on release and a great gift for fans of the label, El Oms, and card players. The 7” is available if you would like to offer the full collaboration. We hope this is right on time to usher in the days of hanging out with friends listening to music, playing cards, and enjoying one another’s company.