Queen Alone Instrumentals

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Lady Wray’s newest full-length, Queen Alone, is a showcase of Nicole Wray’s inarguable vocal talent. Behind that talent is a musical force deserving of their own recognition. And that’s where the spotlight shines on this release, Queen Alone Instrumentals. The record was written and recorded in ten days at the legendary Diamond Mine Studios, in Queens New York, with Leon Michels and Tom Brenneck handling production and much more.

Michels and Brenneck are both multi-instrumentalists. Leon Michels contributes his talents on keys, guitar, sax, and flute, as well as drums and percussion throughout the project. Brenneck handles guitars and bass as well as percussion. Additional contributions from Nick Movshon, Homer Steinweiss, Dave Guy, Ray Mason, Max Shrager, Toby Pazner, and Vince John help to create a sonic landscape that’s a perfect complement to Wray’s vocal prowess – and also stand as a monumental work all its own.

Almost echoing her new record, Nicole says, “You have to go through something for it to be real.” She has been living with one foot in fame and the other in real life. The result is clear: she’s feeling something real in her music again – in no small part because of the immense talent and musicianship assembled by Michels and Brenneck for the Queen Alone sessions.