El Michels Affair & Black Thought

Hollow Way b/w I’m Still Somehow

Following up on the incredible success of El Michels & Black Thought’s Glorious Game album the duo treat us to another 7” with two of the standouts from the album.

The A Side “Hollow Way” is a testament to the chemistry between Leon & Thought. EMA uses his signature sound with a new approach pulling records from his collection and sampling them. The result is a gritty lofi sonic backdrop that Black Thought flexes his lyrical brillance on weaving a tune about guns and gun violence. The beat change at the end drives the point home, leaving any samples behind and lets the band remind people why they are one of the most in demand acts out there today.  

The B side “I’m Still Somehow” is a deeply introspective tune that Thought rhymes about vulnerability and overcoming challenges with heavy lines like “a happy black boy is like an alien” and “one crown, who was run down, somehow still standing tall”.  Michels again takes his ear and sensibility to the sampler, chopping up an old 45 that makes the perfect backdrop for this powerful and timeless song.