038 : MF Classy Chris : Everyday Will Be A Holiday Volume 9

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Presenting, Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday -Volume 9… Even though it’s BCR’s 38… The classy & conceptual, collection of cuts, classic, some unconventional, but always cordial. Número Nueve is, an earmarked number for myself, as I am, a Life Path 9… Oof, it ain’t always easy. Wherever I happen to be, people think I work there, & ask for help?.. Usually I can actually accommodate, go figure that?.. From record shops, to buddah spots, or bodegas, a Nine’s path is passionately complicated, & compassionate, due to 9’s uncommon universal effect, & embodiment of, ALL other numbers… Yeah that’s right. Just add 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36… 3+6= 9… 9+9= 18… 1+8= yup 9. Nine takes the shape of a spiral, see, the combined wave of creativity, & evolvement, living life to express, love… But, feeling, well, everything… So, in the Holiday projects, I try to perfectly place, songs that move me, to tell that old soul, heartfelt, type a story, metaphoric, & literal. & hopefully, it can inspire getting back to, or rather evolving to a greater place, of love & compassion… Signing off (as 9 is also the number of completion), simultaneously living in the past, & ahead of this fucking time…

P.S. volumes 7 & 8 are done (for those paying attention), they just haven’t been publicized on the avenues they was gifted to, yet…

-MF Classy Chris


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