Holy Hive

European Booking: Kirmes; [email protected]


Holy Hive is proof that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The trio’s individual members hail from three distinct regions of these United States. Laid back bassist and multi-instrumentalist Joe Harrison grew up on the sunny California Coast playing flute and tenor saxophone atop the sand dunes of San Diego. High gliding vocalist and singer Paul Spring was raised in the lake speckled north country of Minnesota, plucking his nylon guitar along the edges of red pine forests and granite mines. Mighty drummer and backbone of the group Homer Steinweiss is a tough Brooklyn native who has lent his sharp drumming to a venerable scene of soul legends. By a stroke of dumb luck, and a lot of love, these three very different people came together to find a common love of folk and soul music. With a couple influences in mind, they created an album which both pays tribute to their favorites and creates a tough but beautiful new space for listeners. Their first 45rpm record off of Big Crown is pressed proof of their dual purpose, offering up a cover of The Invincibles cult classic ‘This Is My Story,’ and the sincere Hive composition ‘Blue Light.’ These two songs are a sure stepped start for a band whose full length will arrive in the late spring of 2019.